Posted On: 07 October 2020

(1). DISPOSAL OF BIO MEDICAL WASTE - Published on 13.11.2020 ( View/Download)
(2). (a). Strengthening/Recarpeting of Cantonment Fund Roads
      (b). M.P.I works i.e laying of interlocking paver block, construction of pathways, fixing of fencing post.
      (c). Replacement of outlived A.C line with 400/350/200/150 mm D.I.D.F C.F water supply line in Cantonment area
      (d). Supply & Errection M.S octagonal pole, high mast & Supply L.E.D street lights
      (e).  Re-Construction security boundary wall of Cantt Board Office 
(3.). AUCTION OF SHOPS/दुकान की नीलामी - Published on 06.10.2020 (View/Download